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Ben A Pruchnie/Getty Images
J.K. Rowling Shares Photo Of Terrifying Spider, Thanks Her Husband For Saving Her
7 months ago

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling forces Ron Weasley to deal with his greatest fear — spiders — in a haunted forest filled with giant, talking arachnids. Apparently, Weasley's phobia is something Rowling relates to.

Though he's much smaller than Aragog, this spider DOES look pretty big:

Twitter users understood Rowling's plight:

But some people felt bad for the spider:

One person made a dynamite joke that was not properly appreciated:

Harry Potter references abounded:

Many people have been in similarly scary spider situations:

With spiders like this around, it's no wonder Rowling wrote such terrifying monsters into a children's book!