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‘I’m Living In 3017’ Meme Shows Off People’s Weirdest Futuristic Life Hacks

2017 has been a rocky year at best. Fortunately, some forward-thinking world citizens are hundreds of years ahead of their time, and they've created a meme to show the rest of us how we should be living.

What are things like in 3017?

Your shoes will never get wet again:

You'll be able to bring drinks into concerts:

You'll never be too far from your hot sauce:

We will reach new levels of relaxation:

We won't need those pesky bowls:

You can throw away your folding chairs:

Get your hand ready for some evolution:

GIFs are only going to get better:

Steve Jobs will finally realize his dream:

Will they finally get rid of that awful back-half of hats? Of course:

H/T - Twitter, DailyDot