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Actress Jackie Hoffman Shouts ‘Dammit’ After Not Winning Emmy, Then Launches Twitter Rant

You know how when you're watching an awards show, they put the faces of all the nominees in boxes on the TV screen so you can watch their reactions when the winner is announced? Most actors on the losing end of those awards, knowing they're being watched at that crucial moment, make sure to applaud politely and force a smile for the winner.

Well, actress Jackie Hoffman is not most people.

At Sunday night's Emmy Awards, Hoffman, who was up for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Feud: Bette And Joan, responded in epic and unexpected fashion the moment Laura Dern was announced the winner.

TimeOut's theatre critic, Adam Feldman, shared the moment on Twitter:

But wait, is she serious? 

Some thought so as she took her apparent anger at Dern to Twitter:

But the more Hoffman tweeted...

The more it became clear...

That Hoffman's bitterness was all an act...

Some people got it:

Re: Jackie Hoffman. Jackie's "outrage" at losing to Laura Dern last night was HYSTERICAL and reminds me what a crime it...

Posted by Joey Paradise on Monday, September 18, 2017

Hoffman seemed genuinely surprised that she was taken seriously at all:

But Twitter loved her for it...

When you look at some of Hoffman's other tweets during and after the ceremony, you can get a better sense of what a fun night Hoffman actually had...

Epic! Thanks for the laughs, Jackie, don't ever change.

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