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Photo courtesy of Capri Sun/YouTube
John Legend Pranked A Mom At Yoga Class—And We Can’t Get Enough Of It
7 months ago

John Legend accepted a challenge from Capri Sun and two kids to make a clever and funny commercial.

Legend also made a mom's yoga session a bit... awkward.

Legend starts by taking the mat next to the mom and chatting her up. Via a hidden mic, the kids tell him to hiss during the cobra pose, and to announce, "I'm really good at yoga. Like really, really, really, really good!" Then he tells the mom specific things like, "You should take your kids to Hawaii!" or, "I think little girls should be able to wear makeup."

Look at the little pranksters:

The woman is clearly unable to believe somebone so obnoxious could possibly exist. 

She spends a lot of time looking at Legend like this:

Legend shared the video on Twitter:

And fans loved it:

Some even offered to help Legend out with his yoga moves:

Keep your eyes open for celebrities in your yoga class. If they're acting like ten-year-olds, maybe you're being pranked on TV.

Watch it again: