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Photo via Twitter/The X-Files
We Can’t Figure Out These Poorly Described TV Shows—Can You?

Oh boy, it's our favorite time of the week: Hashtag Roundup time!  This week's challenge:

And everybody wants to play! Can you guess what these poorly described TV Shows are?

Did you get it?

Okay well it's no fun if you just give it away, DANIEL.

This one's easy:

CSI, right?

To be fair this could describe at least 5 TV shows.

As Canadians often do:

What is, "How to run a country?"

So NOT Baywatch, but the other David Hasslehoff show.  Gotcha.

Alyssa Milano keeps picking series she was in:

Also we aren't really sure why people keep giving it away:

But we're still having a fun time.

Wait, I actually have no idea what that is.

We want to play too: There are zombies and dragons and lots of boobs.  Can you guess what show we're talking about?

H/T: Twitter