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Jennifer Lawrence Just Opened Up About A Bar Fight She Got Into While In Budapest

Be careful about asking to take a selfie with mother! star Jennifer Lawrence. She may go all Hunger Games on you.

The actress recently visited Set Meyers on Late Night, and she had a hangover and a funny story.

Lawrence was out drinking with friends while filming her upcoming movie, Red Sparrow, on location in Budapest. A pushy fan approached and asked to take a selfie with the star. When she declined, the man swore at her. 

Lawrence says she was drunk, and she told Meyers she lost it:

 “Did you just say f— you to me? Did you just say f— you to me?! And I like, grabbed him and I took beers and started dousing him, all over him, and then weirdly he had a suitcase … and I was like, ‘Is that your suitcase?’ And I started pouring beers all over his suitcase.”

 A male friend intervened and told her, "Don't waste beer."  Lawrence says she became calm again and thought, "Of course, don't waste beer." 

Some J Law fans were impressed:

Others weren't buying it:

Believe her or not, Lawrence is fun to watch.

Watch the whole clip:

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