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Carl’s Jr. Came For Wendy’s On Twitter, And Wendy’s Totally Destroyed Them A Day Later
By Tom.
7 months ago

Remember when burger joints were just... burger joints? You could pull up in your Honda and order a double meat with cheese, fries and a shake. The world felt simple then. And there was plenty of business to go around. 

Now fast food chains have drawn battle lines on Twitter, and Wendy's is the Soprano you do NOT cross.

First, whoever is running Wendy's Twitter needs a face and a Pulitzer. Several rival chains have provoked Wendy's before via social media and limped away. 

Burger King learned not to mess with Wendy's in this Twitter takedown:

Then Wendy's roasted McDonald's:

Now it's Carl's Jr.s's turn for a social media smackdown. It began this past week...

Twitter user Andrew Morgan tweeted at Wendy’s and asked how it compared to Carl’s Jr.:

Wendy's didn't respond right away, but Carl's Jr. did:

Wendy's let that simmer overnight before delivering some serious snark:

Twitter lives for this kind of thing:

Do NOT step to the red-haired girl unless you're in the mood for punishment.