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Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Zach Braff Just Discovered His Photo Is Appearing In Russian Erectile Dysfunction Ads

I mean, we've all been there: you star in one hit TV show about being a doctor and suddenly your face is being posted all over Russia as the face of erectile dysfunction. This past Wednesday, September 13th, Zach Braff (star of NBC's Scrubs) posted a photo on Twitter revealing his non-complicit part in a series of Russian ads aimed at men with a small medical problem. 

Though using his likeness in such a way isn't what one might call "legal," Braff doesn't seem too irritated:

In Russia, Braff is known as the man who can do almost anything:

Which Braff do you like best?

Fans are super supportive of the new career choice:

As Braff's likeness continues to be used around the world without his permission, he'll just have to keep himself amused by trolling his fans back at home:

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