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Government Official Admits To Using Public Funds To Buy Her Dog A Tuxedo, People Don’t Seem To Mind

We all make mistakes. In fact, if I were in this woman's situation, I am positive I would have made the same one. Kristi Goss, an Arkansas county official's former administrative assistant, pleaded guilty this past Monday instead of going to trial.

Her crime? Using public funds to buy her pet pug a tuxedo.

Twitter was unusually forgiving:

But it turns out the doggy tuxedo was one of many expenditures the woman made with public money:

Still, Twitter isn't convinced Goss deserves to be punished:

If only pictures were submitted as evidence...

Some Twitter users had issues with the pup's new suit:

There were some suggestions for government officials:

Vote Pug in Tuxedo 2020!

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