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‘Zombie-ing’ Is The Newest Dating Trend—And It’s Not A Good Thing

‘Zombie-ing’ Is The Newest Dating Trend—And It’s Not A Good Thing
Updated 8 months ago

You remember ghosting? Breadcrumbing? Phubbing? Well, get ready for more. As long as there are jerks in the world, there will be new obnoxious dating trends.

The latest addition is "zombie-ing" and it does not involve creeps getting their brains eaten:

When a person you're involved with disappears for months and then suddenly "rises from the dead" with a text, you've been zombied. This differs from breadcrumbing because the zombie-er doesn't reach out at all between their disappearance and "rebirth."

It's like when you go on a few dates with someone, then they disappear for a long time before texting "what's up?" late at night.

Bela Gandhi, founder of the Smart Dating Academy, told Today that zombie-ing was a pretty selfish move:

The haunter lacks so much self-awareness. Like, ‘I’m entitled to just come back in your life?'

Gandhi goes on:

I think a lot of times … it comes from low self-esteem. Maybe they started to date someone else, and that’s going off the rails, and they need that constant attention. It’s not nice of the haunter to do and it’s certainly not prudent for the hauntee to respond.

Gandhi knows her stuff. The chances of a "zombie" realizing how much you mean to them after ignoring you for several months? Very low. More likely, they want to use you for some positive affirmation. 

Unless they're very clear about their intentions, don't give too much time or mental energy to the undead relationship.