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Mother Gives Daughter’s Room To Their Dog, And People Can’t Stop Laughing

When Twitter user @MaddiMini4 (Maddie) left for her freshman year at Texas A&M University, she probably expected her room would be taken over by her parents as storage space, or maybe a home office. 

Maddie did not expect her family's dog Nina to replace her as the bedroom's sole occupant:

Maddie told BuzzFeed:

Originally we bought the dog for me, it was my Christmas present. Ever since we got her, my mom has been completely in love. Nina is literally her third child.

If Maddie wanted sympathy, she may have gone to the wrong place. Twitter sided with Nina:

A dog that fine deserves a room, and so much more:

Why does Maddie need another room anyway? She has a dorm.

ALL Ninas deserve rooms!

Some people felt Maddie's pain:

Maybe when Maddie comes home for the holidays, Nina will be willing to share the bed. 

The situation isn't ideal, but things could always be worse:

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