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ESPN Sideline Reporter Makes Awkward Announcement, And Sports Fans Almost Lost It
7 months ago

The best part of this week's Monday Night Football wasn't the football. It was, in fact, first-time sideline correspondent Sergio Dipp, whose awkward, obviously flustered commentary has skyrocketed him into all our hearts. The clip of Sergio, like a great episode of The Office, is so awkward that you love it unconditionally.

Don't believe it? Take a look:

Twitter quickly identified Sergio and rallied behind him:

Dipp was clearly a bit nervous:

No offense to Rex Ryan:

People can't wait for Sergio's next sideline report:

Has Dipp dethroned Bone?

Dipp's fame is going to change the way we live forever:

ESPN knows EXACTLY what they're doing:

Sergio is still learning about his new life, but we have no doubt he'll take to it with gusto:

Sergio actually has a pretty great story, and we love him so much! Watch him below, HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!