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Actor Kumail Nanjiani Slams Conservatives, Cheers Stephen King At The Same Time

The new movie adaption of Stephen King's novel IT shattered box office records this past weekend, hauling in an unprecedented $123 million. The film boasts the biggest opening weekend for a September film, for a fall film, for a horror movie, and for a Stephen King adaption. Before IT's debut, however, some conservatives were rallying support on Twitter to boycott the movie because of King's political views. 

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani shut down the boycotters pretty succinctly following the premiere:


Many were surprised to hear a boycott was happening at all:

Needless to say, the boycott was NOT a success:

How were the makers of IT responding to news of the boycott?

Those who DID miss the movie had other reasons:

How much money IT makes over its full run has yet to be seen, but this boycott may actually help the movie more than it harms it.

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