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Video Of Man Evacuating Miami On Roller Blades Has The Internet Asking Questions

Florida residents were rightfully afraid Hurricane Irma. Governor Rick Scott told everyone who COULD evacuate that they SHOULD evacuate, "not tomorrow, not in an hour, NOW." Apparently one man took the governor's message to heart. During a live CBS broadcast, a man was rollerblading away from the hurricane at top speed.

Was he planning to blade all the way out of Irma's strike zone?

Twitter immediately celebrated the skater:

With speed like that, he's probably the star of his rollerblading squad:

Some people thought he looked familiar:

Maybe it really was John Limanti having a nice evening skate?

Twitter trotted out the GIFs:

Many recognized the skater as "Turtle Backpack Man":

Everyone had to admit the guy had guts:

So no matter what's happening in your life, remember:

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