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The Things On Donald Trump Jr.’s Desk Have The Internet Losing It With Laughter
8 months ago

Things just got a little bit stranger in Trump world.

Twitter user Ashley Feinberg shared a photo of Donald Trump Jr. sitting at his desk that was a bit bizarre:

One presumes the photos were arranged like that just for the photo shoot? I guess? You never know with these guys.

But there were other bizarre items scattered around Don Jr.'s office that had Twitter scratching its collective head.

Like, say, that pair of oversized scissors:

Well, that's one theory.

Or maybe:

There's also that bobblehead of his father:

Hold up. Is one of those photos just of him?

Perhaps the setup has a purpose:

He may not have perfected the art of the desktop arrangement:

Or the photo op, for that matter:

But hey, at least he's trying: