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Men Don't Understand This Meme That Women Are Sharing-And That's Okay

Hetero men are usually confused when it comes to female hairstyles. Guys' haircuts guys are pretty simple, but women's locks can be more complicated. One woman posted a meme on Twitter that confused men even more. 

Payton Harris, an 18-year-old cosmetology student, posted the meme on Twitter earlier this week:

Many guys on the internet were like:


The joke is that the "other woman" is so pathetic she doesn't even brush out her curls. 

Payton told BuzzFeed News:

My method for curling clients' hair is creating ugly ringlet-type curls that I then brush to make beachy beautiful waves. I was laughing and joking with [my roommate] about how bad they look before I brush them.

Several guys took to Twitter because the confusion was just too much:

Women loved how confused the men were.


But some guys knew what was going on:

Good job, guys! At least some of you know what wavy hair is supposed to look like. 


H/T: The Berry, Twitter