There's A Traveling Cat Circus- And It's A Good Thing

There's A Traveling Cat Circus- And It's A Good Thing
Updated 9 months ago

The Amazing Acro-Cats, a troupe of cats that perform in a traveling variety show, are a smash hit all over the U.S. 

This troupe is more than just kitty entertainment. Samantha Martin, founder of Acro-Cats, told the Huffington Post, “The team [of cats] themselves are all former rescues and strays." In 2009, Martin went to a shelter in Chicago and was told that kittens were in desperate need of foster homes. She took twelve, and found all of them new homes. Martin has saved more than 200 cats over the past several years.

Here are some of the beautiful felines Martin works with:

As they tour, Martin likes to connect with the community. 

“We try to partner with a local rescue and donate a portion of the [show’s] proceeds. Sometimes people just contact us. It can be very random.”

Martin says, “A lot of cats are relinquished because of behavioral problems. And the reason they have behavioral problems is because they’re bored.”

Acro-Cats proves that cats can be trained, contrary to the myth many owners have heard.

“The cats are my pets. People always ask, are they ever allowed to just be cats? They’re always just cats.”

Martin guarantees that though these cats are performers, they are still having fun.

For more purr-formances, check out these videos: