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James Blunt Just Bluntly Reviewed People’s Tinder Profiles

The outspoken James Blunt is out to give Tinder users a hard dose of reality. 

The musician is almost more known for his sassy mouth than he is for his music. His Twitter account validates this fact. 

Due to his tendency to speak without a filter, Tinder hired him as "Chief Blunt Officer" and it was one of the smartest moves on their part. 

James gave us some of his sassy responses on the Tinder profiles he reviewed.

 Kara: "Allergic to gluten and bulls**t." 

James: "You’ve eaten bulls**t Kara?"


 Suzy: "Burritos are the number one love of my life. Looking for number two".

James:  "That comes after you've eaten doesn't it?"


James charmed the men on Tinder as well with a helpful remark. 

"Not everyone supports the shirtless bathroom selife, Joshua, but I think it's a great strategy for weeding out anyone with an ounce of self respect."


James Blunt can really tell it how it is. 

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