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The Girl From The Cheating Boyfriend Meme Was Just Found In An Even Sadder Photo Shoot

When the internet finds a new meme, the image can become an international sensation practically overnight. The most recent example is the "distracted boyfriend" meme, which features a man walking hand in hand with his girlfriend while leering over his shoulder at another woman. 

Behold, a perfect example of what happens when a meme goes viral:

The people who appear in the meme, which has been used countless times since it emerged several weeks ago, are stars in their own right.

It's no surprise someone recognized the unhappy couple in yet another unfortunate stock photo:

This new development shook Twitter users:

Why haven't these actors seized their opportunity for fame?

Others think the new pic reflects a simple misunderstanding:

The image does seem to raise more questions than it answers:

It turns out someone from image sharing website Imgur has tracked down the entire stock photo story!

Who knows what the next twist will be in this epic meme-tale?

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