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Man Hires Professional Photographer To Take Pictures Of His New Puppy, Becomes Internet Hero

Some twenty-somethings hire photographers for engagement photos, but this guy had a different reason to celebrate. Just as any good pup parent does, he decided to document how adorable his Golden Retriever puppy is.

Check out the pictures from the shoot:


Seriously... they keep getting cuter:


Look at that face!


Some judged the guy:

Others related to the idea: 

This woman envisioned one big happy family:

Many users on Twitter re-prioritized their goals in life:

One girl wanted to carry this cute pup with her forever, if just on her phone:

This photo shoot sparked a lot of inspiration: 

While others were mostly envious of the photographer: 

Of course, Molly now has her own Instagram:

Hats off to this doggy dad for these adorable pup pictures!

H/T: Twitter, Express And Star