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Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Advertising Week Europe
Photo Of Trapped Cat That Looks Like Olenna Tyrell Is The Internet’s Newest Meme

Move over Angry Cat, there is a new meme in town. 

Game of Thrones' fans, already jonesing for next season, are spotting beloved characters everywhere - in dreams, in visions, in garbage cans. A Twitter user posted a picture of a trapped cat with an uncanny resemblance to Olenna Tyrell and social media can't get enough.


It seems this cat isn't the only reincarnation of Olenna Tyrell. There are more!

But wait. It isn't just cats, it's dogs too! 

Even a frog got into the act.

With everything going on in the world it doesn't take much to make people happy.

The only one not getting in on the fun was this chick.


H/T: Twitter