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Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Comedian Photoshops Killer Michael Meyers In Backgrounds Of Activia Commercials

Halloween is fast approaching, and this year the terror has come early! Jesse McLaren, a comedian and incredible photoshop user, spent the weekend creating one of the weirdest horrors you'll ever behold: Michael Myers, the killer from the movie Halloween, inserted into the background of Activia commercials. Just as he did in the original movie, Myers is shown sneaking up behind Jaime Lee Curtis to enact his deadly purpose. It's both blood-curdling and unforgettable.

Take a look (if you dare):

McLaren is being revered as a visionary:

With Myers on set, Activia commercials would have gone in a completely different direction:

Some users are speechless with fear:

Of course, there's always someone that can't stop tearing magical things down:

Fortunately, McLaren knew the proper response:

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