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Woman Buys Her Dog A Mini Laptop, Becomes Internet Hero
8 months ago

How many times have our dogs wishes for laptops like ours so they too could surf the web and watch cute videos of themselves on YouTube? Meghan Camarena, YouTuber and host of Polaris Primetime on Disney XD, made her dog's dream a reality by getting him a mini computer to enjoy while she was working on her's nearby. Needless to say, she's become a national hero.

Camarena's co-host Jimmy Wong knows the truth:

Many couldn't believe shots THIS CUTE were candid:

Inspired, many Twitter users wanted to go get their own dogs some laptops!

That is one hard-working pooch!

Here's a picture from 7 years in the future:

A little computer needs little games:

The government of every country all around the world has unified behind this statement: