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'This Folder Is Empty' Is The Internet's Newest Meme

'This Folder Is Empty' Is The Internet's Newest Meme
9 months ago

The new hottest meme finding its way onto the Internet is "this folder is empty. "

The meme focuses on the folder emoji. People are getting good use of its versatility, from talking about their mom problems to calling out problems in Congress. 

Users tweeted the meme to show love for a hot celebrity:

And to bring up the gender inequality issue in Hollywood:

Some of the memes are politically charged:

While others are complaining of the woes of collegiate life:

Twitter trolls are getting calling out:

Some are using the meme to complain of family problems:

The funniest version of this meme emerged after the restaurant Denny's posted this meme:

Then information was released about Denny's neglect toward their employees, so someone tweeted:

So just remember... when in doubt, folder it out.