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Comedian Shares Photo Of Houston Supermarket Aisle To Tease Vegans

Hurricane Harvey has caused record flooding across southeast Texas. As is the case before any major storm, people visited supermarkets to stock up on provisions. With access to the outside world cut off, having food and water at your disposal is extremely important.

But began food isn't too popular, as comedian Matt Oswalt pointed out on Twitter:

Oswalt shared a picture at a local supermarket, where an aisle was completely cleared of all food, except for the vegan section, which was still stocked to the brim. 

Several Texans replied, saying they're not surprised:

Oswalt also shared one telling comment:

Some users got a little too intense:

One person had an extremely positive thought:

But it turns out even vegans were avoiding this aisle:

Of course, the most important thing to remember is this:

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