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Man Feeds His Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets During Manicure, And We're Jealous
8 months ago

Lea Adame was getting her nails done in Orange County when she saw a couple being way too cute:

They were so adorable she shared "pics or it didn't happen" proof:

Twitter users were sooo envious of the lucky girl:

One woman gave Lea props for not making fun of the couple:

And so many people reevaluated what they need in a guy:

Of course, some people thought this was all a bit much:

The two have been identified as Aubrey Yip and Sam Huynh. When BuzzFeed News asked what they though of their moment in the spotlight, Yip said it has been "absolutely fun." 

Check out the adorable couple on Instagram:

Hey, das bae 👋 #thereveal #igofficial

A post shared by Aubrey (@yipnotiq) on

Huynh and Yip have been dating for two months. The day of the picture, they surprised Huynh's mom Molly at the nail salon. Yip was preparing for a power-lifting competition, which is why Huynh was feeding her chicken nuggets. 

Huynh told BuzzFeed News:

It was super exciting because Aubrey needed her nails done for her competition and it was the perfect chance to meet my mom and surprise her with news and some flowers.

So sweet! And now let's all recalibrate our relationship expectations!