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Clueless Dad Sits Next To Nick Jonas On Plane, Becomes Internet Star

"Who is Nick Jonas?" is not something your dad texts you every day, especially from a Delta Airlines flight.

 Deanna Hall never expected this text from her father:


Her father, flying first class, didn't understand why the guy next to him was causing such a commotion. He texted his daughter for clarification and Deanna, a huge fan of Nick Jonas, couldn't believe her eyes.

Of course, she insisted her dad get a selfie with the singer:

Twitter loved the Jonas brother sighting, but fell in love with Deanna's adorable dad:

A flight attendant responded to Deanna's tweet about her dad's celebrity sighting: 

Some people couldn't help but notice the woman in the row behind them:

Seriously. She looks really happy to meet Nick Jonas, too:

Finally, a woman asked Deanna the burning question we all wanted to ask:

She responded, sadly:

Dad, you definitely have some explaining to do.

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