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Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images
Gleeful Cat Seeing New Paper Bag For The First Time Is Twitter’s Newest Sensation

The holidays at Sarah James' house must be off the hook. This lady takes gift giving to a whole new level. James brought her cat a new grocery bag, then took a photo and tweeted it. 

The cat-loving internet is losing its mind:

Never mind the cat. Look how happy Twitter is:

Come on now. It's a cat. A cat looking at a paper bag. Maybe it's just me. I'm a dog person.

Okay. OKAY. Let's all give cats another chance.

Oh sweet Jesus! What fresh hell is this?

Hee hee! It's like a cat-in-the-box.

Ah... well now. That's sweet. 

You were right, Twitter. With 38,000 retweets and 112,000 likes, you proved cats make the world a funnier place!

H/T: Twitter