Viral ‘Crying Nazi’ Christopher Cantwell Says He Doesn’t Like Being Known As ‘Crying Nazi’

Viral ‘Crying Nazi’ Christopher Cantwell Says He Doesn’t Like Being Known As ‘Crying Nazi’
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Updated 11 months ago

Christopher Cantwell, a white nationalist who has come to be known as the "Crying Nazi" following an online video during which he broke down in tears while agreeing to turn himself in to authorities, has announced from prison that he does not like being known as the Crying Nazi.

The Crying Nazi doesn't like being called the Crying Nazi.

The Crying Nazi was featured in a VICE documentary that aired just after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville . Here's the documentary, where the Crying Nazi makes statements such as:

I’m carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time - I’m trying to make myself more capable of violence.


... we're not non-violent. We'll f*****g kill these people if we have to.

Shortly after the documentary went viral, several outstanding warrants for the Crying Nazi's arrest surfaced for felony charges from earlier protests. The Crying Nazi posted another video of himself, panicking and crying in response to law enforcement tracking him down. Visibly tearful, the Crying Nazi says in the video:

If I can confirm you are in fact law enforcement I will give you my location and I will let you come and get me.I’m armed, I do not want violence with you. I’m terrified I’m afraid you’re going to kill me.

Here's a video of the Crying Nazi!

Apparently the Crying Nazi isn't a big fan of his name. Weird. In an interview from prison, he told the Daily Beast:

One minute I’m a f*****g white supremacist terrorist and the next minute I’m a f*****g crybaby? I'm a god***n human being.

As a reminder, this is the man who, during the Vice documentary, openly referred to black people as "savages" and said that he wanted a President who "does not give his daughter to a Jew."

The Crying Nazi continued:

When I come down here for a permitted demonstration, championed by the ACLU, where the police are supposed to be clearing our enemies from our path, and then I find myself involved in a riot facing 20 years in prison, I got emotional, shockingly enough.

Police arrested the Crying Nazi on two felony charges of illegal use of tear gas and other gases. He's also been charged with malicious bodily injury by use of a caustic or flammable substance, another felony. He's not shy with weapons! In the documentary, the Crying Nazi showed off a large collection of rifles and pistols which he kept nearby at all times, and claimed that "white men are the de facto rulers of the Earth."

Before you judge him too harshly, just know that the Crying Nazi had his OKCupid profile taken down, just because he believes one race is superior to all others and America needs to undergo an ethnic cleansing. So it's been pretty rough on him. 

Hope prison's fun, Crying Nazi! Hope we never hear from you again!