Woman Tries To Shame Michelle Obama Over Hurricane Katrina—It Didn’t Go So Well

Woman Tries To Shame Michelle Obama Over Hurricane Katrina—It Didn’t Go So Well
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Updated 11 months ago

A tweet from a profile called @TrumpResponders has resurfaced from February 2017, which accused former First Lady Michelle Obama of shopping three days after Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. back in 2005.

WOW this image tells quite a tale, just not the one @TrumpResponders was hoping to convey.

Where to begin?

First off, it apparently needs to be pointed out that the picture above is of Condoleezza Rice, who was George Bush's Secretary of State when Katrina hit, not Michelle Obama.

Pushing past the racist implications of confusing Ms. Rice for Mrs. Obama for a moment, Rice did admit in her 2011 memoir that she should not have gone shopping as people continued to suffer in the wake of Katrina:

The next morning, I went shopping at the Ferragamo shoe store down the block from my hotel, returned to the Palace, and again turned on the television. The airwaves were filled with devastating pictures from New Orleans. And the faces of most of the people in distress were black. I knew right away that I should never have left Washington. I called my chief of staff, Brian Gunderson. 'I’m coming home,' I said.

The next thing to unpack here is the fact that Barack Obama wasn't even President during Katrina, George W. Bush was. 

Which obviously means Michelle Obama wasn't our first lady at the time either.

But how's this for a twist -- it turns out Obama DID visit New Orleans after Katrina hit, even though he wasn't President yet.

@TrumpResponders was hoping to drop some knowledge and get in a good burn at the Obamas' expense, but it seems she only communicated one point very clearly: she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.