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Man Tries Sexy Role Play With Woman, And She Immediately Shut Him Down

Some creeps don't know how to take "no" for an answer. After several weeks of dealing with a guy begging to do a "sexy roleplay" with her, Reddit user TheOwlAndTheFinch decided her simple refusals weren't doing the trick. 

She decided to shut him down in the most hilarious way:


Things got funnier as TheOwlAndTheFinch revealed they were in an IKEA:


Hopefully the frustration will stop this guy from making unwanted future advances:


Another woman thought she may have dealt with the same man, and ended up solving her problem in a similar way:

TheOwlAndTheFinch continued to deal with the man fittingly:

Women are throwing TheOwlAndTheFinch props for how she handled the situation:

There's a message here: don't be a creeper, or you may find yourself in the sexless Swedish purgatory known as IKEA:

H/T - Mashable, Reddit