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‘Blue Fuzzy Fighter’ Steals Mayweather And McGregor’s Thunder, And People Can’t Even
8 months ago

The Mayweather-McGregor Fight was a huge deal, drawing millions of viewers who were eager to see legends of two different events cross over for an unexpectedly satisfying bout. But the real star of the show may have been 22-year-old fighter Gervonta Davis, who arrived for his fight (which took place before the main event) in a gigantic, shaggy blue hood, only to reveal, once in the ring, that he had shaggy pants to match. 

The fashion choice left Twitter flabbergasted:

Many viewers believed they'd seen the style somewhere else:

Davis went on to win his match with a knock-out punch. Perhaps he drew energy from the fuzziness of his pants?

Who wore it better: Davis or Cookie Monster?

Viewers made disconcerting references to Smurf skin:

Here's a clip, in case you missed the entrance:

In fashion, it's important to know what you want:

Congrats on the win, Gervonta! May it bring you as much fame as your outfit did.

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