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Video Of Robot Delivering Funeral Rites Appears Online

The future is now.

What if you could have an immortal being deliver your funeral service? At this week's Tokyo International Funeral & Cemetery Show — a must-attend event for funeral directors around the world — a Japanese tech company called Softbank debuted a robot able to perform Buddhist funeral rites. 

The robot presided over a faux ceremony. "Pepper" chanted several Buddhist sutras, and wore traditional Japanese funeral garb. Traditionally, a Buddhist monk presiding over a service would cost thousands. Japan's Nissei Eco developed the robotic program for situations in which a human practitioner is unavailable, or a family can't afford the regular price.

Yes, it's a bit creepy. But Pepper's a little less off-putting when she's not wearing her funeral garb:

Pepper has been all over the world, gaining a rep as the "emotional" robot, proof that robotics still have a long way to go:

Pepper is called the "emotional" because she's the first robot capable of recognizing the main human emotions:

Perhaps by the time we pass away, it will be normal for robots to perform our funerals. Fingers crossed Pepper will have plenty of time to practice.

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