Man Gets Suspended From Twitter For Sexually Harassing Tony The Tiger

Man Gets Suspended From Twitter For Sexually Harassing Tony The Tiger
Updated 11 months ago

Earlier in August, Tony the Tiger's Twitter account tweeted a GIF of a bowl of Frosted Flakes with milk being poured in.

The company added the hashtag #blushing, and also said,Tony "doesn't look half bad either." 

Alex Boivin replied to the tweet:

A couple weeks after Boivin's crude comment, Twitter's support team notified him that his account had been suspended for the week. 

Boivin's college roommate, Cooper Fleishman, let Twitter know of his friend's suspension: 

Boivin told BuzzFeed News:

There was about a two-week gap from the tweet to it getting suspended. Which seems weird because isn't someone at the Kellogg's social media team getting notifications of this? Or does the Twitter team just take that long to get to these things?

Here's the notice of Boivin's temporary suspension: 

Many people found Boivin's suspension strange, due to the other inappropriate comments Tony the Tiger has gotten in the past. 

This tweet received tweets that seem to deserve suspension as well:

"Furries," or people who dig people... dressed in animal costumes, have caused quite a stink on the Internet with inappropriate tweets, and Twitter is taking action. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, Twitter explained why they have decided to block furries for inappropriate comments:

As a company grounded in the values of integrity and respect, we recognize people’s right to creative expression, but we reserve the right to block individuals who post offensive content.

Learn more about furries and their obsession with Tony the Tiger below: 

Boivin explained the tweet, saying it was a random idea that he didn't think would cause much attention. 

The Tony tweet popped into my feed as a promoted tweet, I have a special loathing of these things. If you give me an opportunity to interact with a #brand that's popping into my timeline without my consent, I'm gonna get weird. I thought 'I'd fuck that tiger' would be a funny joke and tweeted it without giving it a second thought. Just the idea of sexualizing this corporate cereal mascot struck me as a suitably bizarre thing to share with the sort of people who like to interact with promoted tweets from multi-billion-dollar food processing conglomerates.

Twitter has recently been in hot water for not blocking  other users for hate speech:

This controversy has made Boivin wonder why his account was suspended and others' were not. Boivin ended his BuzzFeed interview by saying:

America has this back-ass-wards Calvinist streak where calling for the expulsion and genocide of non-white races is just a difference of opinion, but making a sex joke at a corporate mascot who paid money to advertise to you is cause for censure.

Point taken, Alex.