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These Celebrity Dogs Of Instagram Make More Money Than We Do-Woof

These Celebrity Dogs Of Instagram Make More Money Than We Do-Woof
9 months ago

Through their social media accounts, cute dogs are turning into a million dollar marketing machine for different merchandisers. 

Let's start with 6 year French bulldog, Manny. This dog is a social media mogul, with more than a million followers on Instagram. 

Manny has several sponsorship deals, including one with Halo Pets. 

Hardly recognized my fav new food behind me in those cool bags! I'll take a bowl please and thank you! πŸ˜‹ #halopets

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Here's Manny posing for Turtle Wax: 

Chloe, a miniature French pit bull is another pet celebrity. Her owner, Loni Edwards, has created a management agency for dog talent and has set up several different sponsorships for her own pup. Chloe also donates some of her profits to the Humane Society. 

Not all of the advertisements that use the dogs are for dog related products. For example, here is Chloe advertising for a Casper mattress. 

Of course, there are still advertisements that Chloe sponsors that are dog friendly: 

Other dogs, like Toast, are using their social media presence to raise awareness for animal rights. 

Many of the dogs donate portions of their earnings to different charities and causes dealing with animal rights. In the post below, Toast advocates for dog adoption. 

While dogs are being generous with their money, it sounds like they have more than enough to share. 

Edward's agency says that dog that have a social media following can make anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 per advertisement. No matter how much money these dogs are raking in, it looks like they're having a great time.