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Man Gets Rejected From Adopting A Cat Because He’s Gay

Man Gets Rejected From Adopting A Cat Because He’s Gay
9 months ago

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of a tale. Alex Andreou, a writer, actor, and singer from London, replied to an advertisement on Gumtree expressing his interest in adopting two cats. His offer was accepted, but after the owner found out Alex was gay, she refused to give the cats to him:

Alex was understandably hurt by the blatant discrimination:

Things took a turn for the better when Alex's friend offered to get the cats for him:

But then things started getting even weirder. The woman refused to give Alex's friend the cats on the pretense that she hadn't seen where they'd be living (though Alex's friend offered to give her a tour):

Alex's suspicions were officially rustled:

It turns out the post had a pretty shady history! Multiple people had tried to adopt the cats to no avail, and a reverse image search revealed the kitties pictured on Gumtree were from a French advertisement:

When Alex sent that text, he got a quick response:

Meanwhile, many people began attacking Alex with claims he made up the whole incident:

Alex's story quickly went viral, and he began receiving cat offers from all around the city:

Eventually, Alex got hooked up with two new members of the family. All's well that ends well!