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The Internet Is Convinced That Tim Cook Was Photographed With An iPhone 8 In His Pocket

 Apple CEO Tim Cook is suspected of carrying around the next iPhone in his pocket. 

After a day at a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, a photo of Tim appeared with a phone -shaped object that everyone became very curious of.  

Tim looks very happy to be there but all anyone can focus on in his photo is his right leg pocket. 

If this is any indication as to what the next iPhone will look like, it will be rectangular in shape, and might draw some attention to your crotch. 

What do you think is in Tim Cook's pocket? Twitter users had their own ideas...

Did he just come from the movies?

Is Tim just flaunting his massive amounts of money?

A hard comparison of an iPhone and the object in his pocket leads us to believe it is a phone, but which phone is it?

We may never know if this item in his pocket is the iPhone 8, but how awkward for all of us.

H/T- Twitter,  The Verge