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People Just Found The Final Photos From The “Girlfriend Vs. Other Girl’ Meme Photoshoot
8 months ago

If you've spent much time online lately, you've probably noticed the emergence of the "Girlfriend vs. Other Girl" meme. There are at least two different versions of the meme, both of which seem to have been shot during the same stock photoshoot. In the more widely-used version, the man is distracted from his girlfriend by a girl in a red dress. 

Like so.


Another version of the meme sees a wardrobe change from "other girl" and looks like this: 

That second version is where things take a turn. People have unearthed more pictures from the stock photo series and it seems like girlfriend didn't stay a victim of her no-good boyfriend for very long. 




People are cheering for this plot twist. 


They feel like she really deserved to get out of that relationship. 

Life lessons were learned.


But then... like an M. Night Shyamalan film... THE PLOT TWISTED AGAIN! 


Could it be that trash boyfriend wasn't the only one cheating? 


The saga has people completely hooked. 


We don't know exactly where the plot twists end, we guess it depends on how many images the photographer took that day? Of course we will keep you in the loop as more "truths" about the stock photo relationship drama come out. 

H/T: Twitter