‘Girlfriend Vs. Other Girl’ Is The Internet’s Newest Meme

‘Girlfriend Vs. Other Girl’ Is The Internet’s Newest Meme
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Updated 10 months ago

A stock photo of a guy checking out a chick that looks just like his girlfriend could win the award for most effective, but unlikely meme. 

Who knew that the moment when your boyfriend checks out another person would have so much meme potential!

Twitter users capitalized on the photo and made some winning memes.

It seemed like there was a meme of this photo for everyone, even the bookworms!

One for the boys...

There is even a version for the extreme dog lover that we might all be able to relate to. 

Highlighting current events was a no brainer with this meme.

Getting political with it.

And maybe a little trippy.

The plot of hilarity thickens when we all realize these two girls might be the same girl.

Everyone loves an unexpected epic meme!