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Jim Gaffigan Figures Out Why Mosquitoes Are Important, And People Can’t Stop Laughing

Comedian Jim Gaffigan just laid down some straight-up truth on Thursday about the purpose of mosquitoes.


Not every part of the country has to deal too much with the little pests, but for those parts that do (I'm looking at you Midwest), here is a true pearl of wisdom from Gaffigan:

Gaffigan is currently on his "Noble Ape" tour around the country, and is getting ready to play the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday.

Any Minnesotan knows that living in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" comes with a price. And that price is endless masses of mosquitoes:

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Nevertheless, people agreed with Gaffigan's statement:

Well, mostly:

If mosquitoes are drawn to comedy as much as they are to blood, then Gaffigan is in for a few sleepless nights of itchiness.

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H/T: Twitter, City Pages