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Best Man Trolls Groom By Reading His PornHub Search History During Wedding Speech

Best Man Trolls Groom By Reading His PornHub Search History During Wedding Speech
9 months ago

When asked to write a best man or maid of honor speech, the task is a little intimidating. 

These speeches become a memorable part of the reception, so the speakers want to make sure that it's heartfelt. Usually the speeches tell embarrassing stories or fond memories of days gone by. Thom, the best man at this wedding, decided to take his speech to a whole new level. 

Thom,with the help of Pornhub, created a bachelor's farewell unlike any other. 

Watch the video below: 

The video starts with a message from Aria, a representative of Pornhub. 

She starts by reminiscing of days gone by. "We've been with you for years now," she says. "Witnessing all your varying phases." 

Here were two of her favorites: 

"Danny, your stamina and loyalty is very much appreciated," Aria says. She confesses that all of the girls are "gutted" to hear he is getting married. 

She also goes on to prove his loyalty by saying that through his travels he has enjoyed their website "in the most countries worldwide."

Aria makes sure to ease his worry by saying that Pornhub has saved all of his personal favorites from their website. 

Aria congratulates the bride and groom and lets them know that Pornhub has a gift for them as well. Pornhub knows his wife can't travel everywhere with him, so they have offered him a premium membership whenever he travels. 

She responded to the groom's tweet with a word of congratulations: 

Pornhub provided the original video without all of the audience reactions: 

Thom's speech was a hit with the wedding party and guests. 

He told Refinery29:

"Everyone at the wedding loved it. My friend's face as it was being introduced and played was priceless. They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humour at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful."

Congrats to the show-stealing best man, Thom, for the most memorable speech the Internet has seen in awhile.