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Mom Creates Her First-Ever Meme, And The Internet Is Cheering Her On

Mom Creates Her First-Ever Meme, And The Internet Is Cheering Her On
9 months ago

Moms just learning to navigate the internet are adorable. They rank right up there with skateboarding bulldogs and grandparents who can't figure out video chat angles so you're staring at their foreheads or up their noses the entire time. 

One twitter user, @Junglefushimi, was so proud of their mother for making her very first meme that they had to post about it on Twitter. 

Twitter, believe it or not, was just as proud.

Puppies were lol-ing.

High fives were given. 

Cherish, you guys. Not just appreciate, but cherish

Could memes lead to true love? 

People gassed mom up so much that a new nickname was in order. 

And people totally just went with the flow of fun! 

Not everyone got the joke in mom's meme.

But people were happy to help by explaining it. 

Somehow puppies got involved. 

People were pretty much loving everything about the thread Memer Mom started. 

Normally, this is the point in an article where we say something like "... but of course there were some haters" and talk about all of the negative things people had to say. Not this time. At the time of this story there are almost 850 comments and almost all of them are positive, uplifting and encouraging. For one brief and brilliant moment, Memer Mom has brought peace to the internet. She might just be a superhero. 

H/T: Twitter