We're Loving These Hedgehogs Getting Washed With Toothbrushes

We're Loving These Hedgehogs Getting Washed With Toothbrushes
10 months ago

The most adorable videos floating around the Internet are the hedgehog bath time videos. 

Your pet hedgehog will love their bath time if done with care. Most of the dirt can be removed from their quills and feet with a toothbrush. Just make sure to use an oatmeal shampoo for the dry skin and a brush with warm water. 

Even if you don't have a hedgehog, enjoy watching these videos of these hedgehogs loving getting pampered. 

Tyler helping with Spyro's bathtime. So sweet #boymom #hedgylove #hedgehogbath

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Marsha bath time. #hedgehog #hedgehogbathtime #theroadshow

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Twitter has also joined in on the hedgehog craze as well. 

People are reminiscing on the time they had with their prickly best friend. 

Others are just happy for the distraction after a long week.

If the cuteness overload hasn't happened yet, here's a picture of a hedgehog in a margarita glass... just cuz. 

Hogarita because.. #NationalTequilaDay!🍹// Tag someone

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