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Man Accidentally Cut Bangs On A Horse And People Are Not Happy About It

Man Accidentally Cut Bangs On A Horse And People Are Not Happy About It
Updated 9 months ago

It seems horse hair is all the rage these days. With photographers like Julian Wolkenstein creating bizarre horse portraits, people in the middle of America are trying to keep up. So when Matthew Spencer shared a picture of Sammy the horse with its bang trim on Reddit... well, it got some attention. Spencer said:

According to my dad, he was cleaning out the stalls and he felt bad that the horse's hair was getting in his eyes, and honestly thought he was helping the horse out. After he saw the sign, he immediately apologized, and it wasn't a big deal after that.

Apparently it was a biggish deal to the horse's owner: 

Matthew said the stable is a "rescue facility that also boards a few horses for people." He said his dad was "helping out" by cutting the bangs. The owner posted a sign to warn others:

No Scissors! Ellen is not happy... All horses will have manes, bridle paths + tails done by us from now on.

Some Redditors responded to Matthew's post and expressed concern for the horse's well-being. On the website for a local Fox affiliate, comments became heated and were later removed due to inappropriate language.

Most people thought it was funny, because it was funny:

More important, the horse might have a celebrity doppelgänger:

Matthew said that after his father read the sign, he apologized. Awkward!