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Man Plummets Into Sinkhole Because He Was Distracted By His Phone
8 months ago

It's all fun and games until you've fallen into a massive sinkhole. In the Chinese city of Guangxi, a man on a scooter was so distracted by his phone while driving that he failed to notice the chasm appearing in the road just in front of him. Before he knew it, his scooter was barreling headlong into the pit. Luckily, the only thing seriously hurt was his ego.

The whole incident was caught on video:

According to Chinese authorities, the sinkhole measured two meters deep (6 ft), eight meters long (26 ft) and five meters wide (16 ft).

The man climbed out unharmed, but his scooter took on some damage:

Sinkholes are becoming more common in rapidly urbanizing parts of China, where extensive roadwork shifts the soil underneath the asphalt.

Authorities have yet to identify a cause of this specific sinkhole:

Users on Chinese social media website Weibo had little sympathy for the man:

It's fine if you walk on the sidewalk while using your phone but this is too much, it's so dangerous.

No sympathy, really:

He's using a phone while riding a scooter. Sorry I really have no sympathy.
What the heck was he thinking playing with his phone while riding?

This incident should serve as an obvious reminder not to text and drive: