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These Cats Obviously Didn’t Want To Be In These Stupid Selfies

These Cats Obviously Didn’t Want To Be In These Stupid Selfies
Updated 9 months ago

It's been said that dogs are man's best friend. They want to go out and do things with us and have fun just being bros. They're more than happy to take a selfie with you most of the time. Cats... sort of sometimes tolerate us a little bit. These cats are proof that, in some cases, even saying that is a bit of a stretch. They're not into bro-ing it up, they're not really looking forward to activities with us, and...

Under no circumstances are they happy about these selfies:

"Small cat that thinks it's Mufasa" is pretty much how one could describe all cats, ever:

This guy looks like he's about to launch an attack in 3...2...1...

I don't think the cat likes this very much:

No means no, lady! 

That shirt really brings out the hate in his eyes:

"Ugh, celebrities are the absolute worst." - Grumpy Cat

The kisses! They burn! 

Poor human has no idea the monster he has just unleashed:

This series of "cat"astrophic fails when kitty insists you get her best angle:

Excuse us, miss, but your cat seems to be morphing into some sort of hate-dragon:

"OMG WHYYYYYY" - this cat:

The hissing means he loves you ... right? 

Pro-tip! Cats don't like being held by the crotch:

And finally, this completely grossed out cat is all of us when we've had it with that one friend who takes 500 selfies for everything. We feel you, little cat.