Breitbart Accidentally Uses Photo Of Celebrity Soccer Player In Gangster Story

Breitbart Accidentally Uses Photo Of Celebrity Soccer Player In Gangster Story
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11 months ago

Things took a turn for the bizarre on Friday when Breitbart published an article about human trafficking in the Mediterranean using the photo of a world-famous soccer player.

The article, titled: "Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants On Jet-Skis" inexplicably featured an image of German soccer star and World Cup winner Lukas Podolski riding on the back of a jet ski.

As one might assume, Podolski has no known connection to human trafficking.

Not only is the picture from June of 2014, but it was taken in Santo Andre, Brazil, where the German national team took a sailing trip ahead of the World Cup, which they won.

And the man driving the jet ski is not a random human trafficking gang member, but is instead Mike Horn, a professional explorer and adventurer.

When Indy100 reached out to Breitbart for a comment, the conservative publication deflected, saying: "Humans are being trafficked, and the Indy100 is more concerned with a picture of a jet ski appearing on an AFP [Agence France-Presse] wire story on Breitbart. Just let that sink in."

That didn't stop Twitter from ridiculing them, however:

Apparently the news got back to Podolski, who threatened to sue Breitbart.

So with their tail between their legs, Breitbart was forced to issue an apology on Sunday.

"A previous version of this story included an image of Lukas Podolski on a jet ski," a note from the editor read. "This image appeared as an illustration of a person on a jet ski. Breitbart London wishes to apologise to Mr. Podolski. There is no evidence Mr. Podolski is either a migrant gang member, nor being human trafficked. We wish Mr. Podolski well in his recently announced international retirement."