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Steve Bannon May Be Gone, But The Internet’s Meme Artists Are Just Getting Started

After the ouster of Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Twitter has been churning out memes like there's no tomorrow. Sadly, the chance that there will be no tomorrow grows ever more likely, so enjoy these memes while the planet still exists!

A few memes featured an especially telling photo:

Bannon joins a long list of ousted Trump team members:

But hey, he lasted quite a while, comparatively:

Before ultimately suffering the same fate:

Many speculated on what Bannon's next move might be:

Perhaps it was all for the best:

Maybe he just clashed with Trump's style:

Some kind of memorial may be called for:

Or not:

With such a prominent figure out, some wonder who could be next:

And if Bannon is no longer pulling the strings, who is?

H/T: Twitter, Harper's Bazaar