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Spam Steve Bannon Action Figure Takes Twitter By Storm, And People Love It
9 months ago

Donald Trump's administration has been chock-full of characters. From Kellyanne Conway to Anthony Scaramucci to Sean Spicer, there is no shortage of meme-worthy historical incompetence. 

With the ouster of Steve Bannon on Friday, the list of Trump rejects grows even longer. In fact, they could form their own A-Team. Well, more like an F-Team. And with any great team comes great action figures, but in this case, you don't need to go to Toys 'R' Us for a Bannon doll of your very own. 

According to one Twitter user, all you need is some moldy spam:

People were on board with the idea:

But not everyone agreed with the accuracy of Spam Bannon:

It brings to mind another meaty Republican:

But there was one serious takeaway:

H/T: Twitter