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Women List The Things That Men Should Never, Ever Say To Them
8 months ago

For the men reading this: Hey guys, I get it. Sometimes speaking to women is like a maze – fraught with danger and unexpected twists that leave you reeling. Well, no need to worry anymore! A recent Reddit post listed some of the worst ways men tried to flirt with women. Observing and learning from them should dramatically improve our quality of conversation. Just read these, and then NEVER say them. And I mean NEVER. No exceptions – don't try to do any of these at any point. I know some of you may want to. Just trust me on this one. Don't. 

For the women reading this: Listen, they weren't born with common sense, so this is what we have to do.

Here are the top ten things to avoid in a conversation with women:

#1: Insinuating she is unattractive:

#2: Being creepy:

#3: Offering to lie naked on top of her:

#4: Showing her how mean you are on the inside:

#5: Negging*. Never Neg. Just don't ever do it... EVER:

*Negging is the act of insulting a demeaning a woman with the hope they lower their inner self-worth, perhaps to the point that they'll be willing to hook up with the worthless piece of trash that thought negging was a good idea. 

#6: Mentioning a woman's "juices," especially within a bad poem:

#7: Comparing her to Sid from Ice Age (come on, guys):

#8: Mixing up important words:

#9: Being a straight-up sexist:

#10: Mansplaining their culture TO THEM: